Build a stronger team

Communication, leadership, physical fitness, the ability to face new challenges with confidence – these are essential ingredients for any successful sports team and are just some of the qualities a Global Delphi Academy adventure experience can help develop .











We use outdoor adventure activities to inspire and motivate young people, helping them work together effectively as a team, build stronger relationships with each other and have lots of fun in the process !

Our friendly and enthusiastic centre staff will provide all the help and support you need during your stay, and with GDA, you know you’ll be getting great value from your time away together. From the accommodation to the activities, equipment and food – everything is included with us .

You’ll even get your very own GDA ‘Groupie’ who will ensure you have everything you need from the moment you arrive. They’ll run entertainment sessions in the evenings, which are great fun for all and give you a chance to sit back and unwind after an active day with your group .

An action-packed adventure experience that’s sure to get pulses racing! There’ll be a series of land and water-based challenges to encourage development .

Combine sports skill development with adventure, to offer some great team building activities. It’s a fun-filled weekend your sports club will remember for a long time !

♦ Certificate in Sports and Recreation .

♦ Award in Sport and Leisure (Entry 3) .

♦ Diplomin Sailing and Water sports .

♦ Subsidiary Certificate in Sailing and Water sports .

♦ Certificate in Sailing and Water sports .

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