Certified Professional in Education Excellence CPEE


CPEE Mission

Grow, Learn, Explore Yourself

CPEE Vision

Quality education is the cornerstone for quality of life, development and sustainability, without quality in education, there will be no quality in services or products or even the basic economic and development dynamics

Target Audience:

  • Certified Professional in Education Excellence is a newly developed professional qualification that is based on best practice in Education quality and informed by research and practice. The target audience of CPEE includes but not limited to:

1.Teachers & Senior Teachers.


3.Social Workers at Schools

4.University Lecturers

5.Curriculum/Instructional Designers

6.Policy Makers

7.Admin Staff at Educational Institutions

8.VCs and CEO of all Higher Education Institutions

9.Mentors, Coaches and Supervisors.

10.Graduates and Students, Schools of Education.

11.Everyone interested in education quality


  • Enhancing quality of education is a constant process, and it shall remain as one of the top priories of the government.
  • Moreover, education system shall be flexible enough to response efficiently to the conditions of the 21stcentury’s knowledge economy in order to prepare young generation for challenging future.
  • Therefore, it is essential to help students in developing the intellectual skills on higher order of thinking for broad realization of their potentials.  – UNESCO 2018

Value Added:

1.Free membership to the top three achievers in each cohort.

2.Discount to other courses offered by GDA & ABAHRD.

3.Assistance in application to academic study in the UK.

4.A free copy of the eBook The Learning Driven Organisation (LDO Model).

5.A free pack of Best Practice and Benchmarking Reports from BPIR.


  • Attain a professional qualification status as Certified Professional in Education Quality which contributes to career advancement.
  • Becoming a member in a professional network of CPEEs world-wide.
  • The certificate is a pathway to join academic studies.
  • Receive monthly updates and job alerts through the CPEE newsletter.
  • Access to members area.

Course Content:

1.Strategic Leadership and Quality

2.Quality Management Tools & Standards

3.Content & Curriculum Development

4.Environment, Process & Technology (Education 4.0)

5.Measurement, Learning Outcomes & Assurance of Learning

6.Teacher Qualification

7.Academic Accreditation & Quality Assurance

8.Egypt’s National Quality Standards (NAQAAE)

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